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  NOURHAN SHARIF: Raks Sharqi Volume 2

NOURHAN SHARIF: Raks Sharqi Volume 2

Ref: SHP2

Price: 5.00


Modern Egyptian dance mix

NOURHAN SHARIF has been a practitioner of the healing art of RaksSharqi for over 30 years. She is an award winning performer and teacher in the United States and around the world.
"The inspiration for this CD derives from my love of Egyptian Culture and Dance. One of my favourite artists of all time is Abdel Halim Hafez. His music is incredibly complex and invokes many memories for me on and off the stage. I salute him and invite all dancers to study his incredibly beautiful music. Kariat El Fingian was always my favourite to perform with and it lives inside my head. Special thanks to Yousry Sharif, my eternal "Ustez" for making my dream come true by producing this music for me.

Happy Dancing"

Nourhan Sharif.

All songs are Modern Dance Mixes especially made for Nourhan Sharif.

Track listing:-

Kariat El Fingian (Abdel Halim Hafez) 8:37
Ahadounou Elaham (Warda) 9:27
Kahalle Shawiaya (Sayed Mckowey) 4:32
Ghalle Ahleya (Kamal Hosni) 5:36
Yallahbeenah (Mohamed Fouad) 3:55
Raks Oriental 5:30
Ohh Loo Loo (Abdel Halim Hafez) 7:08
El Helwa Wil Moora (Abdel Ghannie El Said) 6:18

Aladdin's Cave | Music CD Bargains |  SHP2

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