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NESMA- Memories of Cairo

NESMA- Memories of Cairo

Ref: ND9801

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Every country has its perfectionists at the top of the Bellydance Scene. One by one, these artists who will not accept second best make their pilgrimage to Cairo to supervise their own recordings of authentic oriental music. Aladdin's Cave is proud to make these CDs available to our customers. They all carry the essence of the stars involved overlaid with the true spirit of the dance; many could be described as acts of devotion.

This album presents a compilation of music which Spanish star, Nesma, used while performing in the Cairo dance scene in the 90’s. All the themes have been specially composed or arranged for dance. A beautiful journey through the different styles of Oriental Dance. Music recorded in Egypt by the finest performers of the Cairo Arabic Music Ensemble. A magnificent album for Oriental dancers as well as music lovers.

1- Nesma Overture
by Osama El Gohary
A prelude to the dance performance which serves to focus the audience’s attention and creates the atmosphere for the dancer’s entrance. Composition written for Nesma by the accomplished composer Osama El Gohary.

2- Nesma
by Osama El Gohary
In every Egyptian dance show the Oriental dance entrance, a classical piece which opens the dance performance, is the central and most challenging piece, in which the dancer demonstrates her technical virtuosity, musical sensibility and her talent in performing.
As with singers, every esteemed dancer in Egypt has themes in her repertoire written especially for her. In this case it is no different: a piece created for Nesma in 1997 by Osama El Gohary, composer of many pieces that make up her repertoire.

3- Negm’s Solo
by Negm Hanafy
Another of Egypt’s most noteworthy percussionists, Negm Hanafy, well-known for his skill and experience working with dancers for live performances, composed and performed this whimsical, original Fadi (solo for tabla).

4- Nesma Finale
by Osama El Gohary
The same as with the Overture, a grand finale is necessary in every dance performance of calibre. The melody from the beginning of the Oriental dance entrance is taken up again to conclude with a grand finale. Again, it is another composition by Osama El Gohary for Nesma written at the same time as the others in this collection.

5- Hobbak Ala Feyn
by Mohamed Abdel Muttalib
“Where is your love?” is the title of an already classic piece used in the film The Tiger that was composed and performed by the great Mohamed Abdel Muttalib for the celebrated dancer Naima Aakeef. Nesma built on the film piece to write her own arrangements of this work based upon an accordion solo. This new arrangement rounds out the theme that Nesma dance on numerous occasions in her performances in Cairo.

6- Haniin
by Osama El Gohary
A stunning Oriental dance entrance composed for Nesma in 1996 by Osama El Gohary. Like most Oriental dance entrances of the last few decades it has an impetuous beginning, a development showing great agility in its rhythmic variety and a compelling finale.

7- Hussein’s solo
by Hussein El Sahar
Hussein el Zahaar, a percussionist for Nagua Fouad for over 15 years and famous across Egypt for his extensive experience with dancers, has worked in company with Nesma since 1997 and composed this beguiling solo for her.

8- Baladi Accordion Piece
by Ahmed Abdel Fattah
The accordion, a western instrument, was introduced into traditional Egyptian music about halfway through the 20th century. Since then it has steadily increased in popularity and has taken on a major role in Egyptian music, as in this baladi piece.

9- Daret El Ayam I

10- Daret El Ayam II

11- Daret El Ayam III
by Mohamed Abdel Wahab
On numerous occasions Nesma has used this song from the well-known master Mohamed Abdel Wahab as the final piece for her performances. Composed originally for the legendary singer Oum Kalthoum, this instrumental version was specially arranged for dance and features different instruments taking over the lines which were originally sung.

Aladdin's Cave | Music CD Bargains |  ND9801

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