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UNCLE MAFUFO- Skin Stories

UNCLE MAFUFO- Skin Stories


Price: 5.00


American Tribal Style

Armando El Mafufo has been playing Middle Eastern Percussion for over thirty years. For 29 of them he has played dance music with his partner, Sulyman as the band Sirocco. He has explored and studied instruments and techniques used in various Middle East percussion.
The sounds you hear and feel in these original compositions are: darbuka, def, rik, sagat, dohol, tabl beledi, naqara, assorted metal sounds, hand claps, foot stomps and finger pops.

These short solos and small selections are designed for dance and the enjoyment of life. They may move your mind and your body. Enjoy!

Track listing:-

Clap Happy. 2:29
Storm Dance. 3:45
Take a Ride. 6:17
Lullabye. 3:18
Six Acrobats. 3:40
Shakesperience. 1:47
Seven Reasons. 3:51111
Queen of Blades. 5:22
Habibi. 1:52
Humpi. 3:56
DigaMe. 2:33
Gato Timbero. 4:24
That Old Song. 2:34
Arruga la Camisa. 3:27

Aladdin's Cave | Music CD Bargains |  RMFSS2

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