Aladdin's Cave
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Aladdin's Cave | Music CD Bargains |  EUCD2336

Cairo to Sao Paulo

Cairo to Sao Paulo

Ref: EUCD2336

Price: 5.00


Exuberant, exhilarating and infectious dance compositions with a funky, modern touch by Hossam Ramzy, rhythmically arranged especially with dancers in mind - freshly remastered, including bonus track. Hossam’s percussion is accompanied on keyboards, bass, mizmar, quarter tone accordion, nay, kawala and quarter tone saxophone. The booklet contains information in English, German, French and Spanish.

Serena (H. Ramzy) - 5:06
Gamaal Rawhany (H. Ramzy) - 5:23
A Baladi Feeling (H. Ramzy) - 5:40
Agmal Hob (H. Ramzy) - 4:46
Oyoun Sandra (H. Ramzy) - 4:47
From Cairo to Sao Paulo (H. Ramzy) - 5:41
Ya Bel Hob … Ya Balash (H. Ramzy) - 5:59
Bamoot Feeki (H. Ramzy) - 5:03
Mohra Shageyyah (H. Ramzy) - 5:20
Naima's Desert Castle (H. Ramzy) - 5:50

Serena [Extended Version] (H. Ramzy) - 7:16
Running time60.27 mins

Aladdin's Cave | Music CD Bargains |  EUCD2336

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