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Aladdin's Cave | Bellydance DVD Bargains |  CGP830

SHOSHANNA: Fabulous Four Yard Veils

SHOSHANNA: Fabulous Four Yard Veils

Ref: CGP830

Price: 10.00


Fabulous Four Yard Veils is designed to help dancers of all levels confidently wield a veil of any length with finesse, style, grace and artistry. Shoshanna is a captivating master of the veil whose performances have sparked an interest in veils for many dancers. She has taught her unique style of veil work across the country and is delighted to have a chance to present this compendium of veil knowledge in one marvelous DVD.

Included in this DVD:

Shoshanna's dance philosophy
Ideas about veil selection and handling
Clearly presented techniques that are easily adapted for veils of any length
Troubleshooting tips
Two combinations to practice techniques and transitions
A performance by Shoshanna from By Dancers For Dancers Vol 4
Incredible music by Eliyahu Sills and Qadim

About Shoshanna:
Shoshanna is an award-winning dancer based in Arcata, on California's North Coast. She has been studying Oriental Dance since 1992 and teaching since 1998 as a member of the dance faculty at Humbolt State University, at local studios, and across the United States in workshops In Arcata she operates Redwood Raks World Dance Studio, directs the Ya Habibi Dance Company, and produces many Middle Eastern music and dance events including the Redwood Coast Belly Dance Festival. In 2004, Shoshanna earned the title of Belly Dancer of the Year.

90 minutes in length

Aladdin's Cave | Bellydance DVD Bargains |  CGP830

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