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Belly Dance Music

Aladdin's Cave |  Belly Dance Music


East meets West, often with modern instruments. Music to Dance, to Inspire, to Relax.


Urban music but in the Egyptian folk tradition.


Music after the great composers and singers of the 'Golden Era'


Music of the Egyptian countryside. Earthy vocals and traditional accoustic instruments.


North Africa to the Balkans, the Roma make music.


Often a good place to start; the most popular Tunes, Artists and Composers.

Techno / Party Music

From DJ Remixes to danceable electronica, this makes good party music

North Africa

Distinctive regional music from Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya

Arabic Orchestras

The rich orchestral sounds from the caberet shows of Cairo and Beirut.

Western Arabic

Accessible music from artists with their hearts in the East and feet in the West


East of Egypt, all the way to the Silk Road

Pop / Vocal

Mainly Arabic, these CDs have some fab dance tracks.

Performance Routines

Music compiled and produced for your stage performance

Music Workshops

Musical instruction, useful to beginners, teachers and aspiring musicians.


Lively Middle Eastern Percussion, mainly on Tabla.


Made for Tribal; there's more in Folk, Fusion & Tabla


With it's own rhythms, Turkey needs it's own section. Vocal and instrumentals here.

Aladdin's Cave |  Belly Dance Music

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